ECU Remapping

The only way to ensure any engine management system will run a modified engine at peak performance and reliability is to tune it with maps customised to that individual engine.  This is why Voodoo Tuning only live-maps engine management systems.


What is live-mapping?  This is the process of downloading the fuel and ignition maps from the engine control unit (ECU) and then recalibrating them in 'realtime' to match and enhance the engine's characteristics.  The optimised maps are then 'burned' on to a new chip (or downloaded to the ecu as applicable) and then refitted, ready to go.


Your engine will be tuned, not just to achieve maximum peak power figures, but also to optimise transient parameters for increased performance right across the rpm range.

Map 1

Whatever the engine, whatever the modifications, Voodoo Tuning always aims achieve the delicate balance of:

Maximum horsepower

Maximum spread of torque

Fuel economy


Engine component safety - no point making peak power at 8000 rpm if the engine can only handle 7000 rpm!


What modifications can Voodoo tune for?  Pretty much anything!  This includes:

turbo or supercharger (or both!) conversions

turbo or supercharger upgrades

performance cams

high-flow fuel injectors

larger scale MAP sensor conversions (eg. 1 bar-2 bar, 2.5 bar-3 bar, etc.)

breathing mods (eg. induction kits, exhaust systems)

Completely stock!


Voodoo's price structure is simple; one price for all levels of power - whether it's 50 bhp or 500 bhp!


All live-maps: £185


Rolling road power run and dyno printout: £65


Rolling road tuning: Live-mapping fee + £85 p/h


*Feel free to contact us for  a breakdown of pricing*

Rolling road tuning / power runs


Most Voodoo tuning is done on the road - afterall the most accurate way to simulate road conditions is ... on the road!  However, sometimes a little time spent on the dyno can reap huge benefits when aiming for best power.  For example, the only way to acheive perfect ignition advance or cam timing is on the dyno.


Alternatively you may just want a power run and a printout of your bhp and torque.

Rolling road tuning and power runs are carried out on one of three rolling roads; a Dastek 4-wheel, a Dyno Dynamics 4-wheel and a Dyno Star 2-wheel .


Canems engine management mapping


Voodoo Tuning is now an approved Canems mapper.  Voodoo offers tuning for vehicles running Canems engine management systems.  


Available for all vehicles, whether naturally aspirated or forced induction:

Canems live-maps: £250