Performance Engine Builds

At Voodoo Tuning we offer a full engine building service; from factory standard 'freshen up', to fully customised high-power builds.


Building a powerful *and reliable* engine is definitely not about just bolting in expensive parts and expecting them to work somewhow!  Every step must be taken in to consideration; from tolerences, compression ratios, mating surface finishes, all the way to cam timing turbocharger specs.

MLS gasket
painted block

Engine-work available:

Standard engine rebuilds

Custom high-power engine builds

High-comp naturally aspirated

Low-comp forced induction

Fully gas-flowed cylinder heads (not just polished up with a flap wheel!)

Big-valve heads

Lightened/balanced components (eg. flyhweels, cranks, conrods, etc.)





Prices of course vary greatly depending on engine spec, so contact us with details on intended use, power goals, etc. for an estimate.

Voodoo Tuning can be involved every step of the way; from component selection, right through to tuning and mapping, to ensure maximum performance with minimum drama!