Voodoo Tuning has years of experience of tuning the Lampredi Fiat/Lancia 16V Turbo engine - in fact Voodoo is the ONLY true Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo tuning specialist in the UK.  So if you own a Fiat Coupe 16VT, Lancia Delta Integrale, Alfa 155 Q4 - or any other model fitted with this great engine, your car couldn't be in better hands.  Voodoo Tuning knows how to get the best out of your engine.

Live Mapping

The Weber Marelli IAW ECUs used to control Lampredi turbo engines are extremely versatile systems, capable of handling big power whilst still delivering factory-standard road manners and fuel economy.  Voodoo knows how to tune these ECUs to obtain optimum performance without compromising driveability or engine safety.  Voodoo-mapped ECU's always retain factory knock control and appropriate boost limits - plus none of the cold-start problems caused by certain other performance chips on the market.


No matter what what horsepower you are aiming for, Voodoo charges just one price for live-mapping:

All live-maps: £185

Cam timing

Everybody knows that performance cams aren't a cost-effective modification on turbocharged engines - if you want more power it's always better just to wind up the boost, right?


Very wrong!  Cam selection - and in particular, correct cam timing - is crucial on turbocharged engines, perhaps even more than on naturally aspirated engines  At Voodoo Tuning we've seen gains of 20 bhp with a swing of just 4 deg.  And that's only on one cam; there are of course two to adjust!


The Fiat Tipo 16V inlet cam is a popular, low-cost upgrade for the Coupe 16VT, however it does need careful timing to get the best performance from this cam combination; Using the stock Coupe timing marks will result in great torque but will severely limit peak horsepower capable.


Voodoo can time these cams in to obtain the best balance of power and torque:


Tipo inlet / Coupe 16VT exhaust cam timing: £60


Voodoo Tuning can also time-in all makes of uprated cams - either to manufacturers' specifications, or on the dyno for maximum performance.


Cam timing to manufacturers specs: £60

Cam timing on the dyno: £50 + dyno hire (£85 p/h)


Voodoo Tuning can tune engines running any state of tune, including:

Turbocharger upgrades

Performance cams

"larger” MAP sensors (eg. 3 bar MAP sensor conversions)

Performance exhaust systems

Aftermarket electronic / manual boost controllers

Plain factory standard!

Coupe 16V Turbo engine conversions

Fitting a 16VT into your non-Coupe project car?  Voodoo Tuning can de-immobilise any ECU to enable it to run on your car without the original keys and lock-set.


£30 -or- FREE when in conjunction with live-mapping