Voodoo Tuning has a great deal of experience in tuning the 16V F7P and Williams F7R engines (both naturally aspirated (N/A) and forced induction (FI).

N/A engines:


There are many off-the-shelf chips on the market.  We have found from personal experience that, while some of these chips do give some minor improvement over the stock map, there just are no major gains to be had from off-the-shelf chips alone.  Claims by chip sellers of 180+bhp on a completely stock Clio are, at best, mistaken and at worst, plain lies.  It is impossible to get an honest 180 bhp without uprated cams - and usually some headwork.  


Quite often these same Clio 'performance' chips can cause serious engine damage with ridiculously high rev limits, or over-advanced ignition.  Moral of the story if you see a chip claiming to give your stock Clio 180/190bhp, walk away!

Turbo / supercharger conversions


Contrary to popular belief, the old Fenix ECU is perfectly capable of running forced induction reliably and safely - when mapped by somebody who knows what they're doing!


Custom-build tubocharger conversions are becoming a popular method of getting big power from the the F7 engines.  The ONLY way of ensuring long lasting, reliable power from a custom FI conversion is with a custom map.  Literally 2 deg. of ignition advance in the right place can mean the difference between a succesful turbo conversion and melted pistons.  Yes, there are a few off-the-shelf "turbo" chips floating around, but fitting one and hoping that the parameters on the chip just happen to match the characteristics of your engine is likely to become very costly - believe me I learnt this the hard way!


Voodoo tunes FI conversions, not only for maximum power, but for maximum engine safety.  Air-fuel ratios are logged using professional datalogging software and the engine is monitored for signs of detonation using sensitive electronic equipment (not just sticking your head out the window to listen for 'pinging' noises - that doesn't work!).

Uprated cams

F7P and F7R engines respond extremely well to performance cams.  However, it's absolutely essential to time cams in correctly and then have the ECU custom-mapped to suit.  Failure to do so will often result not only in poor (if any) power gains, but also an engine that won't idle.

No point spending £hundreds on cams and then cheaping out on timing and mapping!


Voodoo Tuning can time-in all uprated cams - either to manufacturers' specifications, or on the dyno for maximum performance.

Cam timing to manufacturers specs: £60


Cam timing on the dyno: £50 + dyno hire (£85 p/h)

For genuine reliable performance look no further than our unique throttle-body mod (TB mod) and custom live-map for naturally aspirated Clio’s. Proven to make safe, reliable power - not just on the dyno, but also where it really matters; on the street and track.


The TB mod, alongside live-mapping, gives real on-the-road gains in torque and acceleration – not just a few extra peak bhp and no measurable performance gain.  The effect is especially noticeable on the F7P (1.8 ltr) engine, known for it's lack of midrange punch.


Whatever your state of tune,  Voodoo Tuning will make you car go faster!


The TB mod and Live-Map:

Suitable for all N/A applications; stock, light mods (hi-flow air filter, exhaust, etc.), heavy mods (cams, headwork, raised compression, etc.)

More torque, earlier in the rev range

Produces more punchy acceleration

Faster acceleration - for example a completely stock Clio 16V should will typically see 0-60 times drop by 0.3 secs.

Raises the stock rev limiter to a more usable, but safe, rpm (typically 7000 rpm depending on engine spec)

Replaces  the stock 'brick wall' rev limiter with a much softer limiting action

A much more rewarding and fun driving experience!

Price: £185

Voodoo offers two packages for FI tuning:


FI 200 ~ Up to 1 bar (15 psi) boost. Up to approx. 250 bhp.


The FI 200 tune consists of:

GM 2 bar MAP sensor, supplied and fitted

Live-map up to 15 psi

Price: £265


FI 250 ~ Up to 1.5 bar (22 psi)  boost:  250 bhp not enough?  How about 300+ bhp!  Newly developed by Voodoo Tuning, this is the only conversion capable of running boost up to 22 psi on the standard Clio 16V and Williams ECUs commercially available in the UK.


The FI 250 tune consists of:

2.5 bar MAP sensor and wiring loom kit supplied and fitted

Live-Map up to 22 psi.

Price: £285

Clio turbo engine bay 1

The achievable horsepower depend greatly on the spec of the turbo/supercharger and engine components.  Feel free to contact Voodoo if you need advice on choosing the right components.