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Punto 16VT

Fiat Punto GT 2 litre Turbo

Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo engine

Fiat Coupe 16VT Weber Marelli P8 ecu

Tubular exhaust manifold

Front-mount intercooler

Apexi AVC-R electronic Boost controller

227 bhp / 274 lbsft

Small car + big engine = lots of fun!

The  owner of this beutifully built GT pulled the original 1.4 8v engine in favour of the Lampredi 2 litre.  The extra capacity, plus a huge wodge of midrange torque after remapping, made this one seriously rapid Punto.


It is possible to squeeze 200+bhp from the original 1.4, but the 2 litre produces significantly more torque at all rpm, making the car much more driveable.  Plus,at 227 bhp, the 2 litre engine is hardly breaking a sweat so reliability is much less of an issue than with a highly tuned 1.4.

Renault Clio 16V turbo

1.8 litre 16V F7P engine  

T25 turbocharger with cut back turbine blades

Bosch '802' fuel injectors

Wossner forged low comp. pistons

charge cooler

paddle clutch

235 bhp / 207 lbsft @ 15 psi

Cocking a wheel at Snetterton

This engine first arrived at Voodoo in another shell.  It came with an off-the-shelf turbo chip from another tuner and was, quite frankly, frightening to drive!  The car torque-steered violently on boost.  Making it a challenge to drive in a straight line - let alone manoeuvre.


The old shell had seen seen better days so the owner transplanted the engine and mechanicals into the car shown above and returned to Voodoo.


One live-remap and correctly adjusted actuator later and the Clio was not only rapid but, most importantly, drivable without  risk of a face/hedge interface!

Supercharged Renault Clio 16V

1.8 litre 16V F7P engine

Opcon Autoroter twin-screw supercharger

low compression pistons

fast-road cams

paddle clutch

tubular exhaust manifold

Mongoose exhaust

front-mount intercooler

custom made inlet manifold

low temp rad switch

low temp thermostat

208 bhp / 164 lbsft @ 10 psi

The one and only supercharged Clio 16V in the UK

The engine in this car has an interesting history.  Apparently it was built for Dimma many years ago to go into one of their two special demo Clios - the other Clio had a Cosworth YB and 4X4 running gear!


The Clio then lived for several years in a garage and eventually the engine came into the possesion of it's current owner.  The company who originally built the supercharger conversion left a lot to be desired in terms of build quality.  So the current owner rebuilt the engine with an improved, more reliable, induction system and racing cams.  Plus he fitted a smaller supercharger pulley, incresing boost to 10 psi.


The stock ecu had already been chipped, but only for 5 psi, hence the car ran lean and produced poor performance.  So who to turn to to get it mapped right?  Voodoo Tuning of course!


Now the low-end torque from this engine is unbelievable; it's possible to do racing starts from idle - in 5th gear!

Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo

2 litre 16V engine

Fiat Tipo 16V inlet cam

Fiat Coupe 16VT inlet cam (on exhaust)

Voodoo Tuning adjustable cam pulleys

lightened & balanced flywheel

Siemens Deka 660cc fuel injectors

Kinugawa TD06SL2 25G turbocharger

tubular exhaust manifold

Precision 39mm external wastegate

Voodoo Tuning custom 3" downpipe

2.5" exhaust system

Mitsubishi Evo Front-mount intercooler

Wossner forged pistons

ZRP steel H-beam conrods

paddle clutch

450 bhp / 440 lbsft  @ 23 psi

This one's mine!

Okay, this 16VT isn't a customer's car.  It's my own!  Currently, the most powerful Coupe 16VT on Weber Marelli engine management in the UK.  


The engine and mechanicals have been custom-built from the ground up totally 'in-house', including our own exclusive Kinugawa turbo & conversion kit.  In fact the only part that has been fabricated by another company is the Longlife-built cat back exhaust.  The car has been through several evolutions during the past 5 years.  Going from stock, to 220 , 260, 280, 320, 403 and on to its current 450 bhp.

The secret to this Coupe's great performance is in the cam selection and careful cam timing, using our very own Voodoo Tuning adjustable cam pulleys.  The result is great power, along with very strong torque - and one frighteningly quick Coupe!


Powered by Voodoo

Renault 19 16Vs are very rare beasts these days; always over-shadowed by their similarly F7-engined Clio brethren.  Shame because R19s handle well, the late 80's-tastic sports interiors are great places to sit - not to mention there's actually space in the engine bay to work in!


This one is particularly special; built for track use but still with the attractive and comfortable full interior.  The high-comp pistons really help to get overcome the usually flat low-midrange performance that the 1.8 litre F7P engines usually exhibit.  


The quality of the engine-work (and the mapping of course!) is evident because this 1.8 litre engine develops an impressive 32 bhp over the factory figures.  Needless to say, this is one rapid R19!

Renault 19 16V

Fully gasflowed head Port matched to inlet and exhaust manifolds

piper followers FOLCLIOH

Kent cams RN1601

4bar Fuel pressure regulator

MLS head gasket

High compression pistons 12.0:1

Forged con rods with ARP bolts

uprated Walbro fuel pump

Straight through stainless exhaust system

Induction kit

166 bhp / 134 lbsft

Supercharged Clio 1
EVO IC fitted 2
Sierra Cos 1

Cossie power

Once a common sight on the roads, you very rarely see a Sierra Cossie these days, let alone one in such great condition; full original interior and a beautifully detailed engine.


The Cosworth YB is such a tunable engine.  All it took to make 300 bhp were few simple upgraded parts and some Voodoo magic.  I wish all engines were this easy to tune!

Ford Sierra Saphire Cosworth

Garrett T3 turbo

Collins Actuator

Bosch 'Green' injectors

3 bar MAP sensor

305 bhp / 300 lbsft

Alfa 155 Q4 anon 1

Alfa Romeo 155 Q4

Professionally rebuilt engine

uprated fuel injectors

Turbonetics T3/T04E 57-trim turbo

C&B Rally cams

uprated fuel pump

manual boost controller

Voodoo International

Yet another super-rare car.  This time situated in Norway, which was a problem for this owner because there weren't any Weber Marelli tuning specialists in the country and the few tuners that could handle it were extremely expensive.  So what could the owner do?  Bring me and my tuning equipment over to Norway is what!


So I stayed with the owner and his family for four days tuning, adjusting cam timing and mapping by day, and drinking in the local pubs by night - living the dream!


The nearest dyno was several hundred miles away, so I had to map the car on the road, the result being we've no idea of the final power figures.  But suffice to say it's faster than it was!  So instead of the dyno print we've included a picture the owner's youngest lad drew for me.  Thanks, HS!

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