Fiat Punto GT 2 litre Turbo

Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo engine
Fiat Coupe 16VT Weber Marelli P8 ecu
Tubular exhaust manifold
Front-mount intercooler
Apexi AVC-R electronic Boost controller
227 bhp / 274 lbsft

Punto 16VT

Renault Clio 16V turbo

1.8 litre 16V F7P engine
T25 turbocharger with cut back turbine blades
Bosch '802' fuel injectors
Wossner forged low comp. pistons
charge cooler
paddle clutch
235 bhp / 207 lbsft @ 15 psi

Bass_Direct track

Supercharged Renault Clio 16V

1.8 litre 16V F7P engine
Opcon Autoroter twin-screw supercharger
low compression pistons
fast-road cams
paddle clutch
tubular exhaust manifold
Mongoose exhaust
front-mount intercooler
custom made inlet manifold
low temp rad switch
low temp thermostat
208 bhp / 164 lbsft @ 10 psi

Supercharged Clio 1

Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo

2 litre 16V engine
Fiat Tipo 16V inlet cam
Fiat Coupe 16VT inlet cam (on exhaust)
Voodoo Tuning adjustable cam pulleys
lightened & balanced flywheel
Siemens Deka 660cc fuel injectors
Kinugawa TD06SL2 25G turbocharger
tubular exhaust manifold
Precision 39mm external wastegate
Voodoo Tuning custom 3" downpipe
2.5" exhaust system
Mitsubishi Evo Front-mount intercooler
Wossner forged pistons
ZRP steel H-beam conrods
paddle clutch
450 bhp / 440 lbsft @ 23 psi

EVO IC fitted 2

This one's mine!

Okay, this 16VT isn't a customer's car. It's my own! Currently, the most powerful Coupe 16VT on Weber Marelli engine management in the UK.

The engine and mechanicals have been custom-built from the ground up totally 'in-house', including our own exclusive Kinugawa turbo & conversion kit. In fact the only part that has been fabricated by another company is the Longlife-built cat back exhaust. The car has been through several evolutions during the past 5 years. Going from stock, to 220 , 260, 280, 320, 403 and on to its current 450 bhp.
The secret to this Coupe's great performance is in the cam selection and careful cam timing, using our very own Voodoo Tuning adjustable cam pulleys. The result is great power, along with very strong torque - and one frighteningly quick Coupe!

Renault 19 16V

Fully gasflowed head Port matched to inlet and exhaust manifolds
piper followers FOLCLIOH
Kent cams RN1601
4bar Fuel pressure regulator
MLS head gasket
High compression pistons 12.0:1
Forged con rods with ARP bolts
uprated Walbro fuel pump
Straight through stainless exhaust system
Induction kit
166 bhp / 134 lbsft


Ford Sierra Saphire Cosworth

Garrett T3 turbo
Collins Actuator
Bosch 'Green' injectors
3 bar MAP sensor
305 bhp / 300 lbsft

Sierra Cos 1

Alfa Romeo 155 Q4

Professionally rebuilt engine
uprated fuel injectors
Turbonetics T3/T04E 57-trim turbo
C&B Rally cams
uprated fuel pump
manual boost controller

Alfa 155 Q4 anon 1

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